"It was overwhelming to see all those people at my house working so hard for a total stranger... It's very hard for me to ask for help, but [RTNB] made it easy." 

Deborah H.


Rebuil.ding Day 2016

"Me and my angels."

Jolie B. 


Rebuilding Day 2015

"Thank You Rebuilding Together New Britain, CT and Lowe's for what you're doing for my elderly father!!!"

Christina S.

Daughter of Homeowner

Rebuil.ding Day 2015

"I can't thank you guys enough for everything you've done for us...I just couldn't believe it! 

Cindy & Ken F.


Rebuil.ding Day 2015

"My thanks to Rebuilding Together and Farmington Bank volunteers for their work on my home. The landscaping is beautiful. I am very grateful and thank you!"

Stanley S.


Safe at Home 2015

"This deck was the first good thing to happen to me this year. My husband would have loved it. Thank you, thank you. "

Jean S.


Safe at Home 2015

​​dozens of local and national sponsors...

hundreds of individual repairs...

200+ volunteers...

1,000+ hours of service...

10 deserving homeowners...

1 big, happy New Britain